📝What is a CLMM?

Concentrated Liquidity Market Makers (CLMMs) are a novel evolution in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sphere, aiming to optimize capital efficiency. Unlike Automated Market Makers (AMMs) that spread liquidity across a wide range of prices, CLMMs allow liquidity providers to concentrate their liquidity within specific price ranges. This innovation emerged to address capital inefficiency issues inherent in AMMs, where a significant portion of capital remains unused.

The inception of CLMMs marks a significant stride in DeFi, offering a more capital-efficient mechanism for market making. By allowing liquidity providers to specify price ranges for their liquidity, they can earn more fees with the same amount of capital, as trades are more likely to occur within these designated price ranges.

Diving deeper, the concept of capital efficiency in CLMMs is a remarkable solution to the diluted liquidity seen in AMMs. In traditional AMMs, assets are spread thinly over many price points, often leaving liquidity under-utilized. CLMMs, on the other hand, offer a method to focus liquidity where it's most needed, thus better serving traders and liquidity providers alike.

When comparing CLMMs to AMMs, the flexibility and efficiency of CLMMs stand out. By tailoring liquidity provision to specific price ranges, CLMMs provide a more lucrative and efficient environment for liquidity providers. This, in turn, attracts more liquidity to the platform, benefiting traders through better slippage and price impact.

In summary, the advent of CLMMs in DeFi addresses the longstanding issue of capital inefficiency in AMMs, presenting a win-win scenario for both liquidity providers and traders. Through a more focused liquidity provision, CLMMs not only promise better returns for liquidity providers but also a better trading environment for users.

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